Projection Mapping Techniques

Projection mapping is a technique used in the video screening. The projection is made to ensure that the irregular surfaces of an object to be visible to the camera lenses on display. Project mapping can be used to display objects that whose irregular shapes are complicated. It is a design and technique that helps observers and surveyors to identify and study hidden surfaces. The project mapping technique is used to ensure that the video production captures all the parts of an object and buildings. This method is usually used in architectural plans, building, and construction and crime investigation sessions. The projection mapping is done to expose all the hidden surfaces of a structure or building. This technique has been in use for long. There is software that is installed in the particular cameras used for the mapping of the objects.  Projectors are also used to reflect the environment on which the object lies. Projection mapping is used to maintain the natural appearance of an object when presented on the screen. Small objects can be magnified to appear larger than they are. The projections give the illusion of the original objects in a manner that can be translated by the viewers. Video mapping has been used to come up with three-dimensional video viewing spectrum.

The spectrum are installed in specialized watching googles. People use these watching glasses to view contents that are small in size or hidden. The technique has also been used in investigative cases where the relevant legal authorities seek to find out the causes, motives, and procedure of some occurrences. The investigative personnel uses the spectrum to level out the possible hidden evidence. Crime scenes such as collapsed buildings use this technique to save people and objects. The sea sailors also use the projection mapping to determine the wave sizes and heights. Sailors do this to assess the safety of the ship while on the move. The projection mapping is used to check on the distance yet to be covered by the sailors before reaching safe harbors. It is also a method used in the determination of the thickness of clouds before take-off of aircraft. The most popular application  about the projection mapping is the use of the technique to create artistic illusions. The projection mapping is commonly used in theatrical productions and presentation. The view given by the projection mapping is usually a beautiful display that represents a broader understanding of an object or building.

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